Simple 2D Graphics functions

So finally I have uploaded a first release of my 2D graphic engine for microcontrollers. Even though I would like to make it portable to several displays the code has some optimizations in order to improve rendering speed. The display used in this project is the Nokia 128×128 LCD that you can see in other projects in this page, and basically some functions write raw data to the display taking advantage of the memory layout and the fact that when you write a pixel, the pointer to the current position in LCD’s RAM moves automatically to the next one.
Last but not least, there is a beta version of this engine that includes rotations, but it needs more testing and fixing. And there is a plan for a 3D Engine, but up to now my applications doesn’t require 3D.
Geometry [Header]
Geometry [Source]
Engine 2D [Header]
Engine 2D [Source]