webOS template project + Python + PyGame = Happy Developers

So I have created a sample C project for webOS 2 that bundles all your python files into an ipk (so you can distribute this app using the App Catalog) and also launched the Python interpreter when you click on it!
The only condition is that you have to copy all the Python interpreter + WebOS API + PyGame into /media/internal. You can do this just following this simple steps
1] Download this compressed files that contains: Python, PyGame and WebOS API to your computer
Python + PyGame for WebOS (Binaries)
2] Unpack and copy “python” directory to the root directory of your SD Card (must previously mount the phone as Mass Storage Device)
3] Download PDL-Python Template
PDL Template Project
4] Modify, add source code…. IMPORTANT: modify app name, package name
5] Copy the binary to “release”
6] Copy all python source code to “release” (or just work in that directory
7] Create a package with palm-package
8] Install it with palm-install
Have fun!