I want to boot my Kernel on a real machine

Testing and running the Kernel with QEMU is nice, it is faster for developing but it is not what we want. We want to run things in real hardware.

echo "drive c: file="`pwd`/bootable.img" partition=1" > ~/.mtoolsrc

#create an image
dd if=/dev/zero of=bootable.img count=088704 bs=512
mpartition -I c:
mpartition -c -t 88 -h 16 -s 63 c:
mformat c:
mmd c:/boot
mmd c:/boot/grub

#copy grub bootloader
mcopy grub/grub-0.94-i386-pc/boot/grub/stage1 c:/boot/grub
mcopy grub/grub-0.94-i386-pc/boot/grub/stage2 c:/boot/grub
mcopy grub/grub-0.94-i386-pc/boot/grub/fat_stage1_5 c:/boot/grub

echo "(hd0) bootable.img" > bmap
printf "geometry (hd0) 88 16 63 n root (hd0,0) n setup (hd0)n" | /usr/sbin/grub --device-map=bmap --batch

#copy menu.lst to bootable.img
mcopy menu.lst c:/boot/grub/

mcopy kernel.bin c:/boot/grub/
We can test this image using qemu like this
qemu -hda bootable.img
Then, the image can be burned into a pendrive using ‘dd’ or ‘usb-imagewriter’

  1. sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter (in order to install the GUI Tool)
  2. sudo dd if=bootable.img of=/dev/sdX (where sdX is the pendrive location into /dev)