How to setup a Blackberry 10 for development over WiFi

On the device

On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.

Tap Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode.

Tap Development Mode from the list of security options.

Tap the Use Development Mode toggle switch. If prompted, type the password for your device, and tap OK.

On the Host (Using Google ADT + Blackberry SDK)

Right click on the project -> BlackBerry Tools -> Configure Targets -> run “BlackBerry Development Setup Wizzard”

press “Next” and  check “Device connected using Wi-Fi”. Complete “IP Address” with your BB10’s IP and “Password” with your device password.

Once the wizzard connected to your device, it will ask for your BlackBerry Code Signing Keys. You can get your keys filling out the BlackBerry Signing Key Order Form.

It is recommend to save your Signing Keys and Developer Certificate once they were generated.
In order to run code on the device, a device token must be generated and uploaded to the BB10.

Uploading the Debug Tokens is the last step in the Wizzard. Then a summary appears, and we are done!