ADB over Ethernet in BeagleBoard

Setting up device

First of all we need to ensure that we have an Ethernet connection up and running. Connect your PC to the Beagleboard using a USB to Serial converter. USB side on your host and Serial on the RS232 debug port of the Beagleboard.
Then connect using minicom (or any other term program) at 115200bps 8N1. This will let you access a simple linux shell. At the prompt type:
root@android:/ # netcfg
You should see something like

lo   UP
sit0 DOWN
usb0 UP

if not, try running netcfg eth0 dhcp or netcfg usb0 dhcp in order to obtain a connection.
Once the connection is established, we will change the ADB TCPIP port and then restart ADB Daemon (adbd)

root@android:/ # setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
root@android:/ # stop adbd
root@android:/ # start adbd

Setting up host

Back on your host machine, start ADB in TCPIP mode and then connect to your device like this

$ sudo ./adb tcpio 5555
$ sudo ./adb connect

Once you are connected you can check that everything is working running an adb command like:

$ sudo ./adb devices
List of devices attached device


$ sudo ./adb logcat